favorite hobbies

The things I like to do in my spare time include curling, fixing my old tractor, working my steer and playing street hockey. ill tell you about curling. my position is skip. skip is basically the captain of the team. he calls all shots and tells the rest of the team when to sweep. the team includes a lead, he throws the first 2 rocks, then second, he throws the 3rd and fourth. then 3rd he throws the fifth and sixth. then the skip throws the last 2. I also have a 1959 Danish tractor that we are restoring. and I also have a steer for 4-H this year. thanks for reading my blog.


my favorite hockey team

b hawksthis is my favorite team. they are the Chicago black hawks. they have one 6 Stanley cups. they are my favorite team because I love Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. Also they have one of my favorite goalies Corey Crawford. they have a total of twenty players. 12 forwards, 6 defense and 2 goaltenders. thank you for listening to my blog.